About the Writer

Hello! My name is Matt Hershberger. I’m a professional freelance writer, editor, and producer, and an amateur comic artist, reader, butt-joke-maker, and deep thinker (though often, the latter two are one and the same). Catching Wise is the latest iteration of my personal blog, which I’ve been running for around 8 years.

About the Blog

Wisdom is a tricky thing to get. It cannot be inherited or stolen, as wealth can, and it can not be simply read from a book, as knowledge can. Wisdom has to be experienced, lived, and felt. It also has to be respected. Wisdom, much like the Dark Lord Cthulhu, cannot be directly gazed upon without turning the gazer into a depressive, a cynic, a nihilist, or a gibbering lunatic. Wisdom wants desperately to kill you, and will only spare your life if you manage to convince it you are an idiot, and thus, not a threat.

The title comes from the old Jamaican proverb, “Play fool to catch wise.” It’s my attempt, as a secular humanist and a citizen of the modern world, to basically dick around and hope that said dicking around gains me some deeper wisdom about Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Other Stuff I Do

I have a day job as a Staff Writer and Producer for the Matador Network, an independent travel site, where I produce a lot of their viral content and occasionally write about how unsuited I am to traveling in general. I have also written for HiiBye, a Seattle-based culture site, Immigration Impact, a D.C.-based immigration site, the Migrationist, an everywhere-based immigration site, a The Daily Meal, a New York-based food site, Business Insider, a Business-based Business site, and Thought Catalog, an everywhere-based everything site. I’m from Ohio originally, but I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, D.C., Buenos Aires, Beijing, and London. I’m based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey, where I live with my wife and my Kindle. I’ve got a much more professional page over at MattHershberger.com.