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  • nice stuff, liked what u said on conservatism and age.

  • Julia Petzeva

    I know atheists likes so much to use science in
    your defense, but how many of you know what is scientific fact??? As a scientist I can
    assure you science is all about God! There are many scientific facts that were
    written in the holly Bible much before they were discovered!!! Evolution is a
    theory and it’s not proven,and is not in a contradiction with the Bible! My point
    is why don’t you just get your dirty hands of the science and just admit that you just don’t like the fact that someone is going to judge you one day (because He
    will!). I know you guys feel so lonely and suppressed and always try to pull
    some ridiculous “increasing” percentage of your tiny group. History tells us
    that nothing is more stably than Christianity, it suffered so many attacks for
    more then 2000 years and survived and constitutes the largest group in the
    world and still growing! More then millions of people over the years has given
    their life away for their faith and even have’ been tortured. Will you die
    for your beliefs? You have no idea what faith is, so don’t talk about it.People
    who believe, they actually sees!It’s something you can’t even imagine what is. Bless

  • Daniel Politz

    Hey Matt, great stuff. I wanted to subscribe to your newsletter and it took a bit of clicking around to track it down. If you have control over the location of the form with your WordPress layout, maybe consider getting it some better real estate on your page. Though because I couldn’t find it off the bat I did follow you on FB. So perhaps there’s a method here. Regardless, you got a new subscriber.

    • matthershberger

      Thanks for the advice, Daniel… I’m planning on rebuilding the site altogether in the next month or so, so I’ll make sure to make it easier to find all of my stuff. Thanks for following!

  • Mann

    Dude, I am highly disappointed in you! Do you check your source before you publish an article? Please do next time and think about it seriously. I had a friggin nice opinion of you, but publishing this “article” – – lowered you in my eyes beyond 6 ft.
    Why would you even care if I am disappointed you?! You do not need to worry about it, haters gonna hate, as we all know. But I have a question for you.. How many of these countries have you travelled in the world?
    As I can read between the lines of this article that this number is small enough, otherwise you would have known better. Surely all this information has been brought out by some cheap airline who does barely cover 15% of the destinations in the world where they offer flights to.
    Comparing Baltic countries tap water to South-East Asia countries is absolutely bullshit, pardon for my language. Eastern Europe countries have purER tap water than in the USA. It does not taste like chlorine and it certainly does not give you a “Bali belly” for instance.

    I can bring other examples with other areas and compare them, but I guess you already got my point.

    Understandable that you can get heaps of information from the Internet and you may never know what is true or not, but before publishing it, please do your homework. Get your facts straight before you go running your mouth, lad.

    Solution? Removing this article to share false information would be my suggestion.

    • matthershberger

      I am comfortable not only with the site I posted it from, but with their source, which was the United States Center for Disease Control. So no, I will not take this article down.

      A thing to keep in mind is that if the CDC is their source, then they are likely talking about what is safe drinking water FOR AMERICANS. Water in different places contains microbes that natives of that place are used to. So this isn’t necessarily a measure of overall cleanliness, but rather a measure of whether the microbes in the local water are likely to disrupt an American stomach. It’s well-known that Americans shouldn’t drink the water in Mexico, but it’s less well-known that many Mexicans have the same issue with water in the United States. Is U.S. water cleaner? Yes, probably in most places. But it’s not always a simple matter of cleanliness.

      On a personal level, though, I have literally no idea who you are, we’ve never met, we’ve never spoken, so I’m totally uninterested in whether or not I’ve “disappointed” you. I have to care about your esteem or your opinion before that statement could possibly mean anything to me.