Support Me

Like what you see here? Wanna keep seeing this stuff on a not-too-irregular basis? Support me! Here are ways you can do that.

1. Share my stuff.

Seriously, this actually does me way more favors than you realize. Show me to friends, show me to family, show me to people you hate and want to suffer — it’s all really helpful.

2. Donate.

Every blogger’s dream is to get paid to write their blog. I, unfortunately, am not in the super-marketable blog niches of cooking, business, or mommy-blogging, so I don’t make a ton. You can always donate to me, though! I’m going to post WAYS for you to donate to me soon, but in the meantime, leave a $5 bill in the hollow knot of your favorite tree, knock three times, and then walk around the corner. It’ll get back to me.

3. Sponsor me.

Do you like me so much you want to throw money at me and tell people you’re friends with me? Sponsor me! I’m happy to consider sponsors, so long as I don’t think they’re sketchy or unethical, as long as they don’t ask me to write sponsored content for them, and as long as they don’t make TV commercials that I hate to the bottom of my soul. So, you know, I’m sorry Goose Island IPA, but you can go fuck yourself.

4. Buy my merch.

Someday, I’ll have merch, and it’ll be glorious.

  • Ha ha ha ha! Holy shit, I appreciate your honesty.